SketchUP is an exceptional software that has brought me a lot when it comes to 3D design.

Easy to take in hand, it becomes an indispensable tool for all trades.

For example, in the field of Precision Topography, it has been useful to me for precise modelizations. analyzes and presentations of results of technical expertise.

Its plugin repository makes it customizable and if you add free software such as "CloudCompare", "Photofiltre", "Bentley Pointools View", "QTReader", "Faro SCENECT"

 He becomes a formidable environmental modeller, for my part I use an 8 pro version that is enough for me.

Its export possibilities in PDF3D, KMZ offer everyone easy opening on 3D.

The module "Points topos" developed jointly with Didier Bur (CRAI) and Daniel Giradeau (EDF) allows to load topos points in the format (N °, X, Y, Z) and thus using CloudCompare as a sketcher easily model all object or environment scanned.

Other softwares like 3DSMax, Poser, Facegen, Windows Movie Maker, are interesting complements to fill the lack of characters, still it is necessary to master the various exports and conversions, the exchanges of tips are opened

Thank you for your attention.


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